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How does an e-cigarette work exactly?

Posted by Vape Connection Australia on

At Vape Connection, we strive to offer the best deal on electronic cigarettes in Australia (weather you are in Victoria, NSW, Queensland, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Western Australia, we offer flat rate shipping Australia wide), but we also want you to remind you of where this magical device came to light.  

Electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) are not a new product on the market as they have been around for many years now. E-cig was invented in 2003 by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik, and introduced it to the market in 2004. Today, there are lots of companies selling e-cigarettes to customers across the world. But, if this is the first time you met e-cigs, then you are almost certainly wondering how they work or what they are made of and their benefits. An e-cig is a battery-powered device that changes liquid nicotine into a mist that the user inhales. In addition, there’s no fire, no smoky smell and no ash. E-Cigarettes do not contain the harmful chemicals related to smoking tobacco cigarettes like tar and carbon monoxide. Basically, they all have the same components:

  • A rechargeable lithium battery.
  • A cartridge holding nicotine, flavoring or chemicals such as polyethylene glycol and glycerin. 
  • An atomizer, which comprises of a heating coil. (time has advanced to the newly designed clearomizers)
  • An LED light to replicate a burning cigarette.
  • A sensor that shows when you take a drag and make active the atomizer and LED light.

The battery is one of the main components of an e-cigarette that makes it work. Additionally, the battery is built-in in the electronic cigarette and provides the power for other major components. After that, there is the liquid, based on propylene glycol as well as having a certain attentiveness of nicotine in it. When you use the e-cig, the battery powers called the atomizer, which heats up the e-liquid and converts it into vapor, and smokers inhale the vapor such as smoke and exhale it. In addition, the vapor offers the nicotine and imitates the form as well as the consistence of smoke. There are plenty of electronic cigarettes user’s calls it “vaping” rather than “smoking,” which is logical taking into account the vapor alternates the smoke.

Benefits of Using an Electronic-Cigarettes:

  • No smoke
  • Inexpensive than smoking cigarette
  • Great range of delicious e-liquid flavors
  • Simple to use
  • Won’t leave you smelling
  • Does not burn clothes and carpet

There are various types and models of e-cigs available on Internet or also everyone can purchased from e cig online store like Vape Connection. Therefore, you can go for a standard cigarette, a shorter or can go for an extra long one, which lasts longer but takes more time to recharge as well. Most of the e-cigs are shaped such as electronic cigarette but many formed in different shapes, such as a pencil and pipe. Besides, they come in various colors like white with yellow or beige, while some of them even have multifaceted designs on them.

Charging batteries is easy and simple. All that is needed is to screw the battery onto the USB charger, and then plug it into the USB port on your laptop or computer. You can also use the Portable Wall Charger. Charging takes about one hour, so be careful not to charge too much because this can wear down the effectiveness of your e-cig’s battery life.