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​ Electronic Cigarette Etiquette: Some Tips For E-Cigs Smokers

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Here Are The Dont:

  1. Don’t vape in front of small children: E-cigarettes are a product for adults, so never vape in front of children. If you do, then you will no doubt get an earful from their mothers or fathers near you trying to protect their children.
  2. Don’t exhale a large: Obtrusive cloud of vapor in public locations, alsocalled “cloud chasing” and it’s just objectionable. If you’re a cloud chaser, then do it at home or at organized events.
  3. Don’t vape inside a restaurant: Take your e-cid outside unless you know the place is vapor friendly.
  4. Don’t EVER exhale vapor in the face of someone.
  5. Don’t Vape in any theatre: Exhaling clouds of vapor in a dark room with a projector will annoy the crap out of everyone else. Also, most e-cigs have tips that light up, possibly causing distractions for both users and the rest of the audience. So, go to the back of the theatre or wait for intermission for a quick puff.

Here Are Some Do’s

  1. Be Humble Of Non-Smokers. Ask people in your very close vicinity if they mind you smoking your e-cigarette
  2. Educate Yourself. You need to inform yourself on a country’s or states’ specific rules on vaping before you go there. Check out our country rules page.
  3. Before you begin vaping, you need to explain to people around you that it is an electronic cigarette and not the real thing, particularly if you are vaping a mini e-cig
  4. When you are vaping anywhere indoors, particularly bars and restaurants, always ask the owners or managers if it is ok for you to vape. This is because some bars are entitled not to allow you to do so.
  5. Educate people who have any questions on e-cigarettes and share your experiences of vaping.

Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have raised the awareness of e-cigs smoking after seen smoking one of them at the Golden Globes recently.

According to 2014 Survey Results on E-cigarette etiquette, “People felt differently on electronic cigarette smoking depending on the environments. The study also showed that about 63% of people didn’t mind if someone smoked a e-cig around them.”

  • 58% of respondents approved of allowing electronic cigarettes to be used at sporting events
  • 47% in shopping centres while 35% in an office
  • 45% restaurants and bars whereas 26% on an airplane
  • 35% on public transportation